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ORI STX Strut with Remote Reservoir

ORI STX Strut with Remote Reservoir


Flex your off-road advantage with externally-adjustable compression damping, available with ORI’s lineup of optional reservoirs.

Standard color is Black.

If you need assistance with your order please email us. info@flopshopfab.com

Lead time may vary from 20 to 22 weeks.

ORI Remote Reservoirs enhance the performance features of our popular STX Strut:

  • When combined with an STX Strut, both the integral and remote reservoirs provide a total of 3-, 4-, or 5-stage modular compression damping. Stages can be added or removed to meet your performance requirements. Length of stroke for each stage is also tunable.
  • 24-position external compression damping adjustment
  • More oil capacity for longer stroke compression damping
  • Deep-fin design allows these reservoirs to double as external oil coolers for extreme desert heat and high-speed driving conditions.
  • Choose the remote reservoir option with hose when mounting location and space are restricted.

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