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ORI Piggyback Reservoir Kit

ORI Piggyback Reservoir Kit


Get the maximum in low-cost utility and versatility with an ORI Struts Piggyback Reservoir.

The ORI Struts Piggyback Reservoir is designed for rugged, heavy rigs requiring a high pressure nitrogen gas fill, which consequently increases the spring rate and makes for a harsh ride. The reservoir will catch and retain any excess oil forced from the strut during high-impact operation and seamlessly return the oil to the strut on the rebound stroke, ensuring a smooth and steady ride with unsurpassed stability.

The reservoir can mount directly to the chassis, servicing the strut through a durable, flexible hose, or can “piggyback” on the ORI strut with a prefabricated UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) bracket, included in each piggyback reservoir kit.

Your ORI Strut with Piggyback Reservoir will give you the safety and stability you need to get out there — and back again.

Includes: Reservoir, Mounting Bracket, Pinch Bolt, 10” Black Thermoplastic Hose with Swivel End Fittings, 2 x 90° Elbow Fittings.

Standard color is Black.

If you need assistance with your order please email us. info@flopshopfab.com

Lead time may vary from 20 to 22 weeks.

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